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Selling Your Basket Patterns
to Us for Resale

Here are a few things you should know
before submitting patterns for review.

We are always happy to take a look at new patterns - however, we need to see the entire pattern, not just a picture or the first page. We read each one very carefully and look specifically for certain items on each pattern:
  • Clear, crisp picture that matches the instructions.
  • Size of completed basket at beginning of pattern.
  • Weaving experience level required to complete.
  • Materials list is clear and handle (if required) is specified by measurements.
  • Complete instructions, written clearly (not referring to other books as reference - if you must refer to a book for techniques, clearly state this on page one in the materials list).
  • Page number on each sheet.
  • Retail selling price.
  • NO Typos - patterns should not only be "spell-checked" but proofread as well.
  • Author's name and contact information on pattern for customer information and questions.
  • Copyright date of when the pattern was first written and include any revision dates if you have significantly changed the pattern.
  • Readily available supplies that we carry or if the pattern uses specialty items, indicate where they can be purchased. If this includes items that you wish to wholesale to us, please include the purchasing information for us as well. Please do not include the name and information of a competing basketry business on the pattern.
Please include wholesale information. Please note that we do not consider purchasing any pattern without the standard 40 - 50% discount off the retail price. Our usual first order is 12 copies of the same pattern.

If we do not purchase your pattern, it does not mean that we do not like it. Although it may have been a new idea to you, it could be very similar to another pattern that we have been carrying for years. There may be a reason that we cannot carry it at this time that has nothing to do with your pattern. There may also be a time lapse of several months between receiving the sample pattern and placing an order.

If you would like to send us complimentary copies (rest assured, we would NEVER sell them), we will gladly take a look at them. We maintain a file, by author, of any patterns we do not purchase, for future reference. Sometimes circumstances change and older patterns are no longer available to us, we would then contact you.
If you would like your sample patterns returned, you must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The postage on the return SASE MUST include enough postage to cover the entire cost of returning the patterns to you. Feel free to send a digital copy if this is easier.

  • If you are a teacher, have a class weave the basket from the pattern alone or teach it to several different classes. When students ask questions, take notes. You may need to add extra instructions for certain techniques.
  • Always remember: what may be enough written instruction for a class may not be enough for a person sitting alone, at home. You are there to answer questions in class. When students ask, take notes and add to the pattern.
  • Have a friend, basketmaker or not, read over the pattern. They will have a fresh perspective and may notice something that you missed.
  • After you think the pattern is perfect, put it away for a couple of days. Now take it out and reread it slowly. You might be surprised at things you missed.
  • Print the pattern and read it from the paper copy, you may see things you missed on the computer screen.
  • Don't take a scan of a scan. We accept patterns with scanned pictures as long as they are clear. Try to always use a scan from a real photo. It will be much clearer.
  • You may notice that some of the patterns that we sell look like black and white photocopies. This might be accurate. We still have copies of some patterns that were produced in the 80's and early 90's. Technology was different back then and very few patterns were available. We always sell patterns exactly as we receive them from the authors. Today's technology allows easier access to color printing and our customers expect a clear, color picture and crisp clean printing.
  • Take a browse through our online catalog to see if your pattern looks different from what we already carry. We try not to duplicate ideas. For example: we will carry more than one tote basket pattern, but each basket must have significantly different design elements.
  • Do not take someone else's basket and try to pass it off as your own pattern. This includes things like changing the number of rows on the side of a basket or the color of the accents. These are not significant enough changes to take claim to a new pattern.
  • If the pattern includes items that may not be found at a basketry supply company, include a source. Especially if the item is something that you make. If you want to wholesale this special item, include this information for us with the patterns. If you only want to retail the item, make sure that ordering information is included on the pattern.
  • Do not be offended if we point out typos or other errors on your patterns. Everyone is human and makes mistakes, but a customer has the right to expect a polished and professionally written pattern so we strive to provide that to them.
We look forward to doing business with you. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to
e-mail us.
Mail patterns to:
The Country Seat, Inc.
Basket Pattern Review
1013 Old Philly Pike
Kempton, Pennsylvania 19529-9321 USA
Phone: 610-756-6124
Fax: 610-756-0088

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The Country Seat, Inc.
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1013 Old Philly Pike
Kempton, Pennsylvania 19529-9321 USA
Phone: 610-756-6124
Fax: 610-756-0088
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