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Read what our customers are saying about us. These are actual comments, unedited (except to remove personal information) and in their entirety.

This was exactly what I wanted to know.
Thanks so much not only for the answer but how quickly you were to answer.
Thank you Angie.
This brings back good memories of a job well done by you.
My class, by the way, went great. The shaker tape incident make a good story with a happy ending.
Dousman, WI

Thank you so much for your assistance with the gift certificate! It printed perfectly and was much nicer than handing my mom a handwritten note.
I know it's just a day in your life, but there are SO many retailers that do not actually provide customer service and do not add the personal touch. I thought your website was excellent and you were so helpful. My mom loved her certificate and we are hoping to come to Kempton in early January so she can spend it. She spent a lot of time on your website on Christmas day, too.
Have a wondeful New Year and thanks again for your help!
Nicholson, PA

Just a quick note of appreciation and satisfaction with my order. Both sizes of reed were a dream to work with - uniform color, very flexible and smooth. I have ordered from other companies in the past, but you will get 99.999% of my orders in the future! It is a pleasure to work with quality, and it definitely shows in the finished baskets!
Thanks again, have a GREAT day!
Roberta, GA

Thank you,You guys are awesome! Customer Service is NOT dead!
Silver Lake, NH

You, as always, have been most helpful! I'll either place an order tonight or stop up on wednesday.
Thanks again-- you are the best
Annville, PA

I want to thank Angie Wagner for her assistance in helping me decide which products would fit my needs. Your company has the BEST customer service I have ever experienced online!
Thank you!
Saint Petersburg, FL

Thanks Donna for all your great service and all your help!! When I have to redo them again...I know who to contact.
All my Best
Zurich, Switzerland

Angie is the BEST!!!! thanks for being so helpful. Great weave at Bedford. My friend Donna says thanks to Angie for being so nice, she won't miss another convention, and this was only her first. She's addicted!
Bristol, WV

I just wanted to thank you for posting the instructions on how to remove stains from cane. I am not handy AT ALL, but I was just able to remove some white circular water marks from the cane top of my antique Chinese stool by myself. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
Regards, J.B.
San Jose, CA

Hi Angie,
Thanks so much for today. It was great. From the drive out that way in such beautiful country, to meeting a bunch of nice people and learning some thing new, and on top of all that a great sandwich, it was a great day. Now I just hope i can keep going on it and either come back with it almost done or finish it(on my own) and start a new one on open weave day.
Thanks again, C.T.
Durham, PA

To all of you! :)
Thank you so very much! :) The handle came yesterday!!! :) I finished the basket & stained it too yesterday, thanks to all of you for getting the handle right away to me!! :) I called the lady that order the basket & I'm ready for Saturday for the Saline Farmer's Market. I can't thank you enough!!!! :)
The Lord bless you all!!!! :)
Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Angie,
Thanks for bringing the materials that I had ordered, and thank you for your delightful presentation of the gourd necklace. I gave mine to my neighbor, who had gotten the mail for me, while I was at Odyssey. She really liked it! You are appreciated and respected for your kindness and intelect.
Sincerely, F.S.
New Hope, PA

I forgot to order the mini house wire #25MH and clown wire #80 with this order. Is it too late to add them? Thanks. Sorry. YOu are a big help.
Hi J.,
No problem, I added one of each to your order.
happy weaving,
Angie Wagner
That's great - you are the best customer service dept. ever!
Easton, MD

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Thank You,
This was my first time ordering with you and my reed arrived fast and was nicely packaged. Looking forward to ordering from you again!
Denver, CO

Good afternoon;
Thank you for sipping my order out so quickly. I have ordered many things from the internet but have never received the items so quickly. Thank you and keep up the good work.
South Hill, VA

Thank you for the prompt response. Of all the orders that I placed on this day, your company is the first to acknowledge next day shipment which is great customer service.
San Jose, CA

Hi N. - Just wanted to let you know that I made a mistake on your invoice today in the store. I charged you for a full spool of waxed linen at $10.95 instead of a 25ft. bundle at $1.25.
I've issued a credit to your card and mailed you a copy.
The Country Seat, Inc
Thank you very much. I really appreciate you correcting that. It will be passed on to others, that you are a great business person. Have a good day.
Thanks again,
Macungie, PA

I appreciate how quickly I received my last order. When I have placed orders elsewhere, it has taken weeks. Thank you!
Macon, GA

Awesome thank you so much. I donít know if you guys get told enough but I love your website and products. I am a stay at home mom with two little guys and basket making is my sane time. I have been so pleased with everything I get from you. I use no other company. I was buying a lot a couple of months ago but my littlest boy just had his second open heart surgery. So baskets were put on hold. Now I am back and loving it!!! Thank you so much for your response.
One of probably many of your fans,
Pilesgrove, NJ

You guys are the greatest. I placed an order YESTERDAY and I have it TODAY!!
Thanks for everything,
Allentown, PA

I recieved my order today and am amazed!! Thank you for not charging an arm and a leg!!! and It came so quickly. You are wonderful to do business with you!
Thank you tons
Oregon City, OR

I appreciate yours and Donna help. I have always been so pleased with my service and the quality of the product.
Thanks Again
Richmond, KY

Thanks so much for a fun morning. I really enjoyed your class and you are a wonderful teacher. I now have the courage to tackle ribbed baskets and start exploring some larger more intrigate ones.
Talk to you soon.
Berwick, PA

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You folks are the best! I have never been so satisfied with a supplier.
Long Island City, NY

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your service. I received my second order from you the other day and couldn't believe how quickly it came in. It really is a pleasure doing business with you.
Gilford NH

Thank you!
Very pleased with your products and your speedy delivery. Look forward to placing more orders with you.
Now to get weaving.
Thanks Again!
Niagara Falls ON Canada

I have been meaning to write to you and compliment you on the customer service you provide.
When I placed my last order on April 22nd I noticed you were closing at noon and saw that orders received after 12 noon would be shipped the following Monday. So I thought OK, I missed it. We all deserve vacations, that's for sure.
Well was I ever shocked when I received the email notice that you sent the order that same day.
But it gets better, I received my order the very next day on the 23rd at 1:30 in the afternoon. So I placed the order at about 12:30 and the 22nd and had it at my door by 1:30 on the 23rd, 25 hours later. You can not ask for more then that, ever. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome customer service.
All of the orders I have placed with you have always come fast but this one tops the others
In a world where so many companies don't truly care about their customer service you folks clearly stand above the rest and obviously work hard to keep your customers happy.
Congratulations to all of you and my thanks for how you treat your customers.
Simdbury, CT

Thank you! I received my order today.
I totally forgot about the credit. What a nice surprise.
Have a wonderful day.
Blessings; T.M.
Lexington Park MD

Hi Angie,
You gave me a tip on how to refinish a rush seat on an old Windsor a month ago or so. I just was so thrilled with the results, I had to thank you.
Sooo... Thanks! I used the 1/2 clear and 1/2 denatured alcohol as you said, and put 2 coats on. It looks brand new. I was just amazed at the finish.
You're so great to have helped me.
God Bless!
Poland OH

I would just like to say THANK YOU! When I order from you, it is shipped immediately and received so quickly it is amazing. Thanks so much and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Milesburg, PA

Once again I am so grateful for your quick service. Itís so great to have you so close to NYC so that I can order something and get it the next day.
Thank you so much.
One of your biggest fans.
Long Island City NY

Dear People,
You are the best!
The order has arrived and that gives me time to dye it before class on Thursday. Thanks a million!
Mitchellville MD

S. Windsor CT

(Shaker) Tapes turned up today - very impressed with the speed with which you conduct your business.
I'm sure I will be placing more business your way and recommending you to fellow business colleagues.
Once again - Thank you
Kindest regards

Thanks for the quick turn around on this order.
This is the first time I have ordered from you and if the product is as good as the service you have a customer for life!!
Thanks again!
Clover SC

My order came today and I was so impressed with the quick delivery. I so excited to start my new basket.
Suffolk VA

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WOW. You guys are amazingly fast!
Humble TX

Dear Donna & Angie,
Had a great time as usual with Maggie (Silva). She is a wonderful teacher and everyone's basket always looks great. I hope I can make it again in 2008. Thank you for hosting her.
P. W.
Denville NJ

Hi there,
First I'd like to say that I love you company. I have enjoyed doing business with you for several years now and have never had any problems with anything. Thanks you so much!: ) One of these days I'd love you visit your shop...
M. S.
Greenwood DE

Wow. We will be using you for our future caning needs as you are VERY fair on the shipping. The other company I USED to order from was charging me as much in shipping as these supplies cost. THANKS!!!!! I look forward to receiving my supplies and thank you for the service.
Springfield, IL

I received the order today --- that's less than 24 hours. You can be proud of providing such excellent customer service.
T. B.
Ottsville, PA

Hi Angie, I had such a wonderful time on Saturday. You are a knowledgeable and encouraging teacher. The weather was beautiful and my drive to The Country Seat and my drive home were great. I have made another Swedish Star and two more hearts. I want to make a Reindeer for each of my Grandchildren (3).
Langhorne, PA

First, let me say how impressed I was with the prompt shipping and quality of my order. Could not believe it was here so soon, and the fairness of your shipping charges is almost unheard of...
Niskayuna, NY

I just wanted to thank you all for always getting orders out so promptly. I appreciate all that you have done to help me with my ordering. I try not to be so last minute....sometimes that doesn't work! thanks again for being so good to work with!
Stephens Cuty, VA

I've been basket weaving at an intermediate level for a couple of years now, but until I found your website, didn't know where basket reed and sea grass came from!
Thanks for the informative and interesting info! I will pass it on to my basket weaving friends!
M. L.

This was the best service I've ever had on-line. Thanks. Great quality reed and very good prices. I received it 2 days after I ordered it! I will be ordering again.
Greenwood, IN

I just had to tell you how pleased I am with your excellent speedy service!!
I have just begun to weave again after a 14 year break. Thank you for being there!!
Red Lion, PA

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I just wanted to let you know that I think your web site is the best organized and easiest one to navigate that I've ever been to.
It's a pleasure doing business with your company.
Keep up the good work!
Holyoke, MA

Dear Donna,
Received the parcel today in good shape and would like to thank you for your fast and freindly service.
Kind regards to Pennsylvania from the Heart of the German Black Forest
W. R.

I received my order today, Wednesday, (that I ordered Monday night) and want to thank you for the fast turnaround. I also ordered Monday night from another vendor and it's not here yet--so from now on, The Country Seat will be my first choice for supplies.
Many thanks for great customer service! :)

I need to say thank you for the really fast service. I can't believe order one day, receive the next day. Thanks again, always had my doubts about ordering off the internet not any more. Thanks again.
R. P.

Thank you so much for the incredible speed and care that you take in packing and shipping your orders. It is so nice to be able to trust each order I place in your hands and know that I don't have to second guess whether things will be right. I thoroughly enjoy dealing with your company. Thank You!!
Mount Airy, MD

I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your easy to use web site and the speed of delivery...Thanks!
Higganum, CT

My order arrived yesterday. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I am very impressed with the speed in which it arrived and with the quality of the materials. I am most appreciative.
R. T.

You are fantastic! I ordered Tues and got Wed noon. I am starting a basket link on the family website and will prominently recommend Country Seat ! I have ALWAYS had great service at C.S. and your prices are the best on the web. Thank you for making my job easier by doing your job so well.
M. H.

I am always amazed at the promptness and quality of your service. I placed an order Monday afternoon, and got it this morning (Wednesday)! I've been ordering from you for about 15 years, and am always impressed with your products! I even had the opportunity in 2004 to finally get to your store! Of course I had to buy some new things to try. From someone who lives in rural West Virginia -- THANKS FOR BEING THERE!
J. M.
Parsons, WV

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I order regularly online and your company is by far the quickest to get orders shipped. Thank you!
C. J.
Fayetteville, GA

I have finished all of my chairs. They look fantastic! What a pleasure it was working with high quality materials. I will spread the word about your items.
Thank you,
J. M.
Cape Elizabeth, ME

I recently placed and received an order from the Country Seat. Every aspect of the experience was over and above my expectations. First of all, your web site is comprehensive and easy to use. I'm a novice basket maker, but I was able to find everything I needed. After ordering, I realized I had forgotten an item; an email exchange with Angie took care of that. I placed the order on a Sunday, it shipped on Monday and arrived on Friday, as soon as I needed it but sooner than I dared hope to get it. The materials are lovely, exactly what we were expecting based on the descriptions on your web site.
I look forward to ordering from you all again. Thank you for such outstanding customer service!
J. G.
Boulder, CO

I've got to hand it to you. Out of 25 years of doing business with hundreds of companies, I have never come across an organization as thorough and professional as yours! I placed an on-line order with you on Tuesday and here it is Thursday morning and it's already being delivered. Thank you so much for all your help. With Christmas quickly approaching, my little basket business is starting to take off and with suppliers like you it certainly takes a load off of my mind knowing that I am in the hands of professionals. Keep up the good work. As soon as I'm done with this latest batch of baskets you'll be getting another order from me.
Thanks again.
D. K.
Fort Wayne, IN

I just wanted to tell you that your website and online catalog are wonderful.
A. M.
Monroe, WI

I just received my first order from you. The reed was absolutely the very best I have seen. I currently order the European cut. Your select brand is much better quality....I'll be back.
Lakeville MA

Dear Donna -
I was truly amazed - I placed my order in the afternoon one day, and it came UPS the very next morning! I would definitely call that great customer service! Your organization is to be applauded for such fast turnaround! I wish all companies could take lessons from your committment to customer satisfaction. It only helped a little bit that Country Seat also had the lowest prices of any other provider I researched on the internet. I am definitely a Country Seat loyal customer now!
Thanks again!
State College, PA

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Good morning Donna. I am truly amazed at your efficiency, I received my order last evening!!. I would like to say that should anyone ask about where to get seating supplies, or can I recommend someone, it will surely be Country Seat. Once again thank you, and now I have to complete my part and re-do my chairs. If we are in your area we will be sure to stop by.
Thanks once again....
M. C
Yonkers, NY

Thank you,
As an on-line shopper I really appreciate the ups on-line tracking system and use it quite often.It makes it very convieniant for customers like myself. I really enjoyed your on-line catalog and look forward to shopping with you in the future :o)
M. G.
Seaside, CA

Thanks for adding the online catalog. It's really great to see pictures with the patterns for sale. I wish I lived closer to your store. I could shop for hours, but now I can shop online any time I want.
T. G. Warners, NY

I received my order on Tuesday. What wonderful, prompt service! I loved the UPS tracking! It was fun to look and see where the box was and when it arrived (even if I wasn't there to see the truck drive up!)
Thank you again.
W. M.
Gorham, ME

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our visit to the shop on Monday. We bought so much stuff, I had to move my "weaving cave" to another room! My husband kept putting stuff in my shopping basket, saying, "You need this!" My kind of guy! Thanks again, and we'll be back!
T. H.
Williamsport, PA

I love your site!
I have bought basket supplies from y'all in the past, and tonight I dug out my box of stuff to make a basket for my engaged friend. I found my last catalog (from 1994) and thought I would call and get a new one. Then, I thought, I bet they have a website! What a pleasant surpriseÖ
I love ordering from y'all and now I can do it online. Plus, the prices haven't changed since 1994!!!
A. W.
Provo, UT

Just a quick note to express my thanks for contributing a prize to the Headwaters Basket Guild weekend at Bemidji Minnesota. I was the lucky recipient of the rose pickling stain and I am anxious to give it a try. I think it will look great.
It was so generous of you to donate to this cause and I wish to sincerely thank you for that. It is fun to have the prizes at our banquet.
The weekend was a total success and I had a wonderful time. I will be going again next year and look forward to it each year.
K. N.

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. My 2 sisters and I have met for the last 4 years for a bonding time. We have made 4 baskets and shared our lives. It is a wonderful time to get together and take home a memory. Thanks.
B. C.
Reading PA

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