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The Country Seat, Inc.
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Basketry, Gourd Weaving & Chair Seating Supplies
World Wide Mail Order & Retail Store
Supplies, Baskets, Gifts, Chairs & Stools
One of the Oldest & Largest Basketry Suppliers
Celebrating over 40 years in business: 1975-2016

Country Seat will be closed, Thursday, October 25th - Sat, October 27th while Angie is vending at the Bedford convention in Bedford PA.
All orders received during that time will begin shipping on Monday, October 29th. Thanks for understanding!

2018 Weaving Your Cares Behind Retreat will be held October 26, 27 and 28, 2018 at the Bedford American Legion (lower entrance behind building) located at 3721 Business 220 in Bedford, PA
You are welcome to come shopping during the convention hours. Friday 12 noon to 9:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.
Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
See the Retreat website: for more information.

Store & Office Hours:
~ Monday - Friday 10 - 4 PM

~ First Friday of every month - CLOSED (Guilds and groups - this is a day for you to come visit! Let us know.)
~ Saturday - Open SELECT Saturdays only - see our Calendar Page for the entire year's Special Holiday Hours & Closings.
Please be sure to check before planning your next visit.

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Paper Catalog: Click here to see and print the pdf version of our paper catalog.

Please note: We are open only select Saturdays. Please check our Calendar Page. All our events, classes, normal and special hours for the year in one place.

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Due to rising inflation, manufacturing & shipping costs around the world, the cost of materials & products is rising, often with no warning & with every new order. We never increase our prices unless our supplier increases their product pricing. Some price increases we can absorb, some we cannot. Prices are subject to change without notice. At this time we are not printing a catalog due to the constant changes.
The online catalog is always current. Thank you for understanding.

Paper Catalog: Click here to see and print the pdf version of our paper catalog (this is for viewing only, please use the secure online catalog for ordering)..

The Country Seat, Inc.
1013 Old Philly Pike
Kempton, Pennsylvania 19529-9321 USA
Phone: 610-756-6124
web site:
secure online catalog:
Fax: 610-756-0088

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  • Read the article on the Stephen Foster Cultural Folk Center in Florida. Traditional weavers shined with workshops and lectures.

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Paper Catalog: Click here to see and print the pdf version of our paper catalog.
New products are added to the secure online catalog as they arrive.
Please keep the Country Seat Courier newsletters as they contain new products. You can always read the current and past 6 months Country Seat Courier Newsletters online at our Newsletter Page
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The Country Seat, Inc.
Basketry, Gourd Weaving & Chair Seating Supplies
1013 Old Philly Pike
Kempton, Pennsylvania 19529-9321 USA
Phone: 610-756-6124
Fax: 610-756-0088
web site:

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We carry a complete line of basket weaving and chair seating supplies, such as: wooden bases - slotted (grooved) & drilled (holes), dyed & space-dyed flat and round reeds; hoops (- round, square, rectangle, oval and hearts) & handles (- Williamsburg, Tulip, Towel Bars (with a plain bar, wooden Shaker pegs or brass hooks), Oriole & Key frames, Hearth & Herb sets, Needlework, Bushel Basket handles, oak doorknob & swing handles, Victorian "U", push-in Square and Round "U" & Swing handle sets; chair seating supplies - cane, fiber rush, pre-twisted grass rush, pre-woven (press, sheet, machined) cane, spline, binder cane, Danish seat cord, Shaker tape (for basket handles and chair seats); wires - bean pot & jelly jar handles & wire shapes; mini mylar stencils, stencil crayons, clear acrylic stamps (you can see right through them for perfect placement every time!) & rub-on paint transfer designs (smaller designs! - also great for scrapbooking and decorating smooth objects around the home); Nantucket supplies, Hamburg (bleached) cane and slab rattan; seagrass - braided, natural and dyed twisted & straight seagrass strands; pine needles, walnut slices, tapestry (large eye) needles, artificial sinew, waxed thread, 4 ply Irish waxed linen, processed (fireproof) & natural (braid) raffia; willow peel; hardwood veneer splints - maple, walnut, cherry, ash & tulip poplar; basket & stool kits; basket feet; metal hanging basket trees; basketry powder dyes; reeds - round, flat, smoked, flat oval, oval core; "D" handles - round top, flat top & sharp top, swing "D"; basketry tools - reed cutters, Chinese scissors, basket shears, several types of awls and a fid, plastic & brass reed gauges, hippo and 2 sizes of rubber tipped clamps, EZ lashers (2 sizes), revolving weaving tables, spoke weights, plato shears, Lash Buddies, Eversand pads & Weave-rite Tools; basketry & seatweaving books, patterns; great gift items like knotless netting woven jewelry, beaded necklace and bracelet sets, hand-marbled silk scarves, basket signs, woven seat stools & porch rockers and still much more for your weaving fun!

The Country Seat, Inc.
Basket Making, Gourd Weaving & Chair Seating Supplies
1013 Old Philly Pike
Kempton, Pennsylvania 19529-9321 USA
Phone: 610-756-6124
Fax: 610-756-0088
web site:

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