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The Country Seat Courier
September/ October 2019 Volume 22 , Issue 9/10

Store & Office Hours:
~ Monday - Friday 10 - 4 PM

~ First Friday of every month - CLOSED (Guilds and groups - this is a day for you to come visit! Let us know.)
~ Saturday - Open SELECT Saturdays only - see our Calendar Page for the entire year's Special Holiday Hours & Closings.
Please be sure to check before planning your next visit.

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Our paper catalog is now available as a pdf file! Due to the currently, constantly changing prices we cannot have a paper catalog printed at this time. It will be out of date as soon as it is printed. Price and product changes will be made to the pdf catalog and the date will change on the cover so you will know if you have the latest version. This is a large file, please be patient while it loads.
If you have any questions, drop us an e-mail: . Hope you enjoy it!
Paper Catalog: Click here to see and print the pdf version of our paper catalog. Please be sure to verify the current prices in our online catalog.

Please Note: Due to rising inflation, manufacturing and shipping costs around the world, the cost of materials and products is rising, often with no warning and with every new order. We never increase our prices unless our supplier increases their product pricing. Some price increases we can absorb, some we can not. Prices are subject to change without notice. The on-line catalog is always current. Thank you for understanding.

We are open only select Saturdays. Please check our Calendar Page. All our events, normal and special hours for the year in one place.

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Quantity Reed Discounts:
   1 - 10 of the same size and typeFull Price
   10 - 14 of the same size and type10%
   15 - 24 of the same size and type15%
   25 - 49 of the same size and type20%
   50 - 99 of the same size and type25%
   over 100 of the same size and type30%

MIXED Quantity Reed Discounts
- different sizes, same type
(all flats, all flat oval, etc.):

   1 - 10 coils mixed sizes, same typeFull Price
   10 -14 coils mixed sizes, same type5%
   15 -24 coils mixed sizes, same type10%
   25 -29 coils mixed sizes, same type15%
   30 - 49 coils mixed sizes, same type20%
   50 - 99 coils mixed sizes, same type25%
   over 100 coils mixed sizes, same type30%

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New free pattern: "Mini Oval Herb Basket"

Special Hours & Vacation Dates

Please plan your orders and visits to our store around these dates. Our secure online catalog is always open. Thank you for understanding!

    Please note: We will be open only select Saturdays. Please check our new Calendar Page. All our events, normal and special hours for the year in one place.

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    Wanamakers General Store
    carries everything from groceries, bulk foods, yummy homemade deli sandwiches to live bait & hunting licenses. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee while you browse locally made crafts & handmade wooden toys.
    Only 10 minutes away, on Route 143, it's worth the trip to visit this historic country general store. Visit
    Look for the handmade Wanamakers Shopping & Gift Baskets!

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    Dear Readers,
    I would like to bring an issue to your attention in the hopes that no one is deceived.
    There are many basketry e-books available on-line, and while some of them may have good, new content written by a basketweaver, some e-books have content that has been copied word for word, directly from basketry websites. It is copied without permission and pasted into the new format with no alterations and put forth for sale. This type of e-book is a violation of copyright law and a rip-off since this information is available free to anyone who searches the web.
    Susi Nuss found an e-book on-line & brought it to our attention because the cover of the book looked "a bit too familiar" (it was the back-ground of our website). The basket illustration on the cover was also copied directly from our website. We purchased a copy of this e-book to verify that the content was indeed from our site. Along with content copied & pasted from our site, content was copied from Susi's site as well as GH Production's website. Susi then searched & documented much more content copied word for word from various basketry websites.
    This "author" claims to have received permission to reprint and/or that all of the content in her book is in the public domain. This is not true. None, of the above mentioned, gave her permission to reproduce their information for resale & profit. This is a direct violation of copyright law. Just because we post information on our websites for the public to read and learn from does not put it in the public domain for anyone else to reprint for profit. We contacted the self-publishing website that was selling this e-book. They promptly removed it & refunded our money.
    There were many patterns included in this e-book, which may lure buyers. However most, if not all of the patterns seem to be or are known to be free patterns available on-line. To charge money for this information is also ethically wrong.
    Watch for CDroms that are a collection of books that are in the public domain (will have book dates up to the early 1930's). While there is no violation of copyright law, the copyright on these books has expired and they are in the public domain, you do not need to pay for them. You may find these books already on-line, ready to download for free (see below for more information on finding these expired copyright books).
    Some e-books are sold under the same title by different "authors". Watch for these web pages, advertising these "best- ever" basketry e-books. They read like a TV infomercial, telling you how much money there is to be made by making baskets (apparently there are many basketweavers out there who "make $5,000 or more a month just making baskets"), how children would rather gather materials and weave than do most anything else, how simple it is if only you buy THIS particular book, how wonderful THIS e-book is, how you'll never need another book if you buy THIS book, etc., etc.
    Some of these e-books are mostly text and/or one picture taking up an entire page and are devoted to defining terms & text describing the different styles of baskets (such as a picnic basket & a potato basket). All of this is information that my be gleaned by basic internet searches.
    All a weaver needs to do to find many, many free patterns is search on "free basket patterns" or other such terms. Anyone looking for any type of basketry information should start on Susi Nuss's website -
    She has pulled together & linked an incredible amount of weaving information. One particular page of interest - topics/publications/etexts.htm - is a resource page of pdf files for basketry books that are in the public domain. You can view and or download these old books.
    Many suppliers also have Tips & FAQ's pages on their websites.
    Please be aware that even in the basketry world, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
    We all love weaving & some of us even try to make a living at it. Some of us design, write & sell patterns. This may supplement our hobby or pay the bills. We may spend many hours working on our websites, writing content & text.
    When unscrupulous people copy our work, it cuts into our profit, maybe preventing us from making a living doing what we love. This is why we have copyright laws, but the internet is hard to regulate & oversee. Not only are the original authors hurt but the buyer as well since they are wasting their money & unwittingly letting the ethically challenged profit from their theft.
    Let's keep an eye out for each other.
    Wishing everyone a basketry filled, safe & happy year!

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    Shaping a Basket
    Visit our FAQ page for a great article written by Judy Olney - a master at the art of hand shaping baskets and author of patterns such as Denty Baskets.

    Willow Toad Hall
    Set against a mountain backdrop at the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, a two-story domed structure woven out of willow branches rises beyond a wildflower meadow. In 2005 Patrick Dougherty spent three weeks creating a two story domed 'house', complete with a tower & maze of pathways. Dougherty used willows to twist & weave a structure that is continually described as 'magical' & inspires the imagination of adults & children alike. Living Willow Structure

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    It's a Bear made from Pine Needles!
    Richard Carpenter is the creator of these fantastic, almost life-size pine needle bears. He creates a form in the shape of the bear or cub and then weaves pine needles through the form. Richard is also a button carver which led him to carve the nose, claws and eyes for each bear. The bears are very life-like and the pine needles create realistic looking fur.

    To see more of Richard's work, visit:
    Mountain Magic Website
    Pine needle bear pine needle bear pine needle bear

    Fiber Rush
    The quality of rush changes often over time. Years ago rush could be dipped & re-dipped into hot water with no problem. Right now, the fiber rush often shreds when it gets wet. I still weave the seat with wet rush. It just takes more care & time (& sometimes extra material). Wrap 15-20 times around your hand-to-elbow. DIP the rush quickly into warm/hot water, blot with a towel & begin your seat. Or you may want to try & weave loosely for several rounds & then sponge the rush just at the corners or give it a misting of water. It's extremely difficult to get a good-looking seat when the rush is worked completely dry.
    The trick right now is to wet it just enough to weave good corners, but not enough to make it shred & rip.

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    Paper Catalog:
    Click here to see and print the pdf version of our paper catalog.
    New products are added to the secure online catalog as they arrive.
    Please keep the Country Seat Courier newsletters as they contain new products and any changes to the print catalog. You can always read the current and past 6 months Country Seat Courier Newsletters online at our Newsletter Page
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    If you have any questions please e-mail us at

    The Country Seat, Inc.
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