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Here it is!
This page is dedicated to you, our customers, and what you weave with our products.

Share your basket stories and woven creations with us and each other. We want to see your talents.
Keep them coming!

Julie Boyer - PA
This piece is in an art gallery. It is a functional see-saw made of a wooden frame which is woven with rattan, maple and ash, with plywood sides covered in a hand-made hardwood veneer. The title is "WE ARE VIRTUALLY TOGETHER (a variation on a piece completed previously by Julie Boyer and Sara Rabinowitz).
Neal Collier - PA
Sherron Matuszek from Meridian ID
Gourd with Gretchen rim woven with natural reed.
Gourd with Gretchen border woven with round reed
"We (I make the baskets; my husband stains them) made this basket for several of family and friends for Christmas 2004.
We used it as a "fruit basket"."

Joyce L.
fruit basket
fruit basket

"My name is Evie Gerr and I live in South Windsor, CT. This senior citizen has been weaving baskets for about 20 years and show them in my daughter's studio. She is a potter (BIRCHMOUNTAINPOTTERY.COM), and I do the Roseland Cottage Fair in October in Woodstock, CT., and other smaller fairs. "

Evie Gerr's Baskets
Evie Gerr's Baskets Evie Gerr's Baskets Evie Gerr's Baskets
"A picnic basket we made for gifts for Christmas, 2006. I made and stained the baskets and my husband made and stained the lids and then assembled the baskets."

Joyce L.
Picnic Basket
Picnic Basket Top View
Round Reed Basket

"My name is Renee Setaro, and I live in Silver City, New Mexico. I'd like to share just a few of the baskets I've woven. I could do this all day (and sometimes do). Enjoy!"

Round Reed Basket
Round Reed Basket
Plaited Basket
Round Reed Basket

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